I Can See You!

 Posted by at 1:24 pm
Feb 142012

I love all the tracking tools that are available with blogs these days!  I can see the ISPs of people who visit my site and purchase my patterns, if they were referred from another site, what they googled to get to me, as well as the usual numbering stats. It’s all very fascinating – especially seeing where people are located, through their ISPs.

Right now I’m using KStats, and in the last week or so the more noticeable visitors have been a subversive soul in China who downloaded my Occupy Wall Street hat pattern at 4am Beijing time, a flurry of Russian interest in Christmas patterns, someone in South Korea taking on a spot of Aran knitting, and several Australians learning to cable without a cable needle.

What it all adds up to is how beloved and universal our craft is. And for someone who works from home – alone – the thought of all of us the world over repeating the same motions with yarn and needles, is oddly comforting.

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