Easy Stay-On Bib Download

 Posted by at 9:15 pm
Jun 212012

I have had several people email me today saying that they weren’t able to download the Pattern for the Easy Stay-On Bib.

As far as I could possibly make out, there wasn’t a problem with the file download – it was downloaded over 2000 times yesterday without incident.  I also had some people test it for me to be absolutely sure.

However, as I’m unsure if people are unaware that they are supposed to click the logo button on the top left to get the download – I have made a new, clearer download button.  I have also removed the old pattern file and re-uploaded it to the site, just in case there was a problem with the file.

So – the pattern is definitely good to go – BUT, I have the printed rights to it only, not the online publishing rights which are still owned by About.com.  So if you want the pattern, you must download it for yourself – the pattern page gives information about gauge and materials used, but I cannot re-publish this pattern online.  You have to click the download button and get it for yourself – and if nothing happens when you click, please turn off your pop-up blocker!



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