When I took Faina Goberstein’s wonderful class on Sizing Knitwear Patterns, we were encouraged to come up with tables of standard measurements – to be used as a basis for our Excel-based graded designs.  I spent several days collating the information I could find, and adding some of my own, to come up with the most comprehensive set of tables I could.

I offered to share these with my classmates, and I get emails almost daily asking for the charts.  I realised this might be an easier way to share them with others taking the class, or others who are interest in designing and want to get as many sets of measurements as possible.  You can see by the colour-coding where each of the values comes from – I hope you find them useful.  Please note that I am not trying to take credit for other people’s hard work – this is mostly a gathering of resources, with my own measurements added in.

Standard Sizing Chart for Women

Standard Sizing Chart for Men

Standard Sizing Chart for Babies and Children

Standard Sizing Chart for Heads

  7 Responses to “Measurements”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this! I’m in Faina’s class as well, and transcribed her numbers over and some of my own measurements over, but it’s great to have as many resources as possible! Thank you!

  2. Thank YOU for sharing these files with fellow Faina classmates!!! Much Appreciated!!

  3. thank you for all the work you have put in this. You are very generous.

  4. Thank you from me too. Just starting the class. This will be a big help!

  5. Thanks so much! I’ve spent SO much time trying to figure out correct sizing as well. This is great. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for this!

  7. THis is wonderful, thank You so muchĄ

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